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Galería Valanti, galería de arte latinoamericano

Francisco Munguía

Artist Biography
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"4 Cats" Parody of
Abbey Road-The Beatles
75 x 61 cm.
Acrylic on canvas

"Ball of Stamen"
Parody of "Man´s Son"
by Rene Magritte
75 x 61 cms.
Acrylic on canvas

Parody of "The Night"
by Vincent Van Gogh
76 x 101 cm.
Acrylic on canvas


"Jaguar Dance"
Parody of"The Dance"
by Henri Mattise
61 x 75 cms.
Acrylic on canvas

"Cat Supper"
Parody of "The Last Supper"
by Leonardo da Vinci
61 x 75 cms.
Acrylic on canvas

"Las Mininas"
Parody of "Las Meninas"
by Diego Velazquez
61 x 75 cms.
Acrylic on canvas


"Gatico Americano"
Parody of"Gótico Americano"
by Grant Wood
101 x 76 cm.
Acrylic on canvas





Francisco Munguía - Biography

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